what I really really want

I’ve gathered some things that I right now really want/need. Of course I had to show it using my new photoshop skillzzzz. Enjoy!

  1. Sunglasses from Ray Ban. My sunglasses recently broke (or like two weeks ago) and I’m in desperate need of a new pair, I’m just too cheap to buy them. They are in the model Erika and are completely black, so you can match them with all colors and both silver and gold.
  2. Earrings from Lily and Rose. I love these earrings! I own a pair exactly like these but I accidentally broke them during a panic attack. I need to order a new pair but it sucks because my old ones were a month old or so…
  3. MacBook Air Case from a random Swedish webshop. I just think a black macbook is so much cooler than a silver/grey one and unfortunately the air version is only available in silver/grey so I’ll have to stick to a case if a want a black one:(
  4. Coffee mugs from IKEA. They only cost 5 sek (50 cents) and we still have not bought them yet… Our current mugs don’t fit the lattes and macchiatos from our new coffee machine.
  5. OK. So this one is really random. It’s a pen from a Swedish book store. I just love this pen! I have one already but I want so many more. Can’t get enough of it (ok it’s a pen calm down).
  6. A take away cup from Stelton. It’s super clean and made for both cold and hot drinks. It features a 360 degree angle which makes it possible for you to drink from any direction of the cup – just like a regular mug!
  7. Woodwick Elipse Unscented/Woodwick Elipse Vanilla Bean. These are candles meant to be like mini fireplaces. So they spark and sound just like one! Super cool and the wick is like a wide line so that it burns all the way like you cans probably tell in the picture.
  8. Youtube premium. I’m so sick and tired of all the commercials on youtube and it feels just like they’ve added more since releasing the youtube premium. I’m thinking about getting the family-pack so my whole family can watch without being disturbed.

All of these things I’m really longing for!!!!!