Summer Bucket List 1

I’ve officially completed my first thing on my summer bucket list. Yey!

Yesterday my brother, my grandmother and I went strawberry picking. Super fun! I love strawberry picking.

My grandmother picked us up around 10 and then we drove to a ”farm” outside of Bjärred (Lund). I’m really longing for the day I get my driver’s license now because I can no longer bare with the way some other people drive. Only 9 months left :)))))

We had our own boxes with us and filled all three of them up…hehe. That was about 18-19 kg of strawberries right there. We have ’em coming for a while now. The whole idea of picking strawberries is so harmonic. You just sit there, pick the good ones, move a bit further down the isle and do the same thing over and over again until your bucket or box is filled.

Imagine just sittring there in the quiet field with the sun gassing on you and just picking strawberries. Anyway I love it! And I hove we get another chance to do it before the season ends (might not since we’re going to Crete).