Sometimes I wonder…

As I’ve said to you before, lately I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands, not by choice. The fact is that I’m currently not attending school. Or more like doing it in my own pace. If the day’s a god day I’ll go, if not I stay at home, simple as that 🙂

As a part of this whole, I’ve not spoken to some ”friends” lately. ”Friends” whom I’ve always been there for and always spoils with not only my love but money as well. I’m serious, this is a thing you can’t argue, it’s facts.

Today my cousin who attends school in a different city than I and also live in a village about 20-25 minutes from mine asked me, out of the blue if I’m home schooled at the moment?!

Like what?! Where did she get that from? Seriously.

So of course I asked her from where she’d got this outrageous thing.

Answer: A girl from her school, who lives in my village, is friends with a girl who my ”friends” attend school with…


Not only don’t they speak to me, they instead speak about me.

It makes me kind of pissed, fuck yeah. But at the same time I feel kind of sorry for them for not having the intellect to speak about anything better than my attending school.

They’ve come up with this story on their own because I haven’t spoken to them in almost a month.

Least to say: There not welcome in my life anymore.

I have my best friend and she’s all I need!