@ home

Going to school late this day to do an exam and a national test in Swedish. The exam is in religion and I’m feeling kind of fucked, but I guess I’ll do fine…?

The national exam is me holding a lecture or a small presentation in front of my teacher and a couple more people from my class, I’m freaking out! I feel so insecure it’s not even funny. I feel like crying, all the time.

Well, right now I’m in the couch just laying here. I’ll do some physical activity later I believe but it’s freezing outside so maybe a youtube video or something, I don’t know, we’ll see.

That’s all for now.


ps. I didn’t find a front picture so I looked in my uploaded album and there was this picture of these two drinks. They were my favorite ones when I was like 12 years old!!! Can’t find them anywhere now though, sad. This picture is from Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain 🙂

Sometimes I wonder…

As I’ve said to you before, lately I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands, not by choice. The fact is that I’m currently not attending school. Or more like doing it in my own pace. If the day’s a god day I’ll go, if not I stay at home, simple as that 🙂

As a part of this whole, I’ve not spoken to some ”friends” lately. ”Friends” whom I’ve always been there for and always spoils with not only my love but money as well. I’m serious, this is a thing you can’t argue, it’s facts.

Today my cousin who attends school in a different city than I and also live in a village about 20-25 minutes from mine asked me, out of the blue if I’m home schooled at the moment?!

Like what?! Where did she get that from? Seriously.

So of course I asked her from where she’d got this outrageous thing.

Answer: A girl from her school, who lives in my village, is friends with a girl who my ”friends” attend school with…


Not only don’t they speak to me, they instead speak about me.

It makes me kind of pissed, fuck yeah. But at the same time I feel kind of sorry for them for not having the intellect to speak about anything better than my attending school.

They’ve come up with this story on their own because I haven’t spoken to them in almost a month.

Least to say: There not welcome in my life anymore.

I have my best friend and she’s all I need!


Finally the snow is over

I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for the weather right now. Finally the snow is over and we’re heading towards spring and eventually summer, I hope…

Tomorrow I’m beginning a new job and I’m a mixture between excited and hella scared. I’m having an introduction at nine am. and then my shift starts at five pm. Wish me luck 🙂

a new start

How many times have I deleted everything from this website and just started from the beginning?

I don’t even know, five maybe?

But here we are again:)

Lately I’ve had some extra time on my hands where I haven’t spent to much time with other people. And me, as a person who shares all with others (mostly) have felt that I haven’t had anyone to talk to about my everyday life. As well haven’t I had a hobby and just spent time doing nothing, heh.

Let’s consider this the last of many new beginnings, yeah?

I just think that if I put away the pressure and just post whenever I want to I’ll keep going strong on this platform. sometimes you’ll hear from me every day, sometimes we’ll not talk for a couple of months. You’ll be here when I need to get something off my chest, write about my day or just ramble about stuff.

That’s why from now we won’t delete posts and we won’t filter. All will just be true and non filtered. So buckle up, you’re in for a weird ride.


yours truly