@ home

Going to school late this day to do an exam and a national test in Swedish. The exam is in religion and I’m feeling kind of fucked, but I guess I’ll do fine…?

The national exam is me holding a lecture or a small presentation in front of my teacher and a couple more people from my class, I’m freaking out! I feel so insecure it’s not even funny. I feel like crying, all the time.

Well, right now I’m in the couch just laying here. I’ll do some physical activity later I believe but it’s freezing outside so maybe a youtube video or something, I don’t know, we’ll see.

That’s all for now.


ps. I didn’t find a front picture so I looked in my uploaded album and there was this picture of these two drinks. They were my favorite ones when I was like 12 years old!!! Can’t find them anywhere now though, sad. This picture is from Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain 🙂