Hell of a good day

Today has just been one of those days that are simply fantastic. Or so far at least 😉

I woke up at 7 am and then by 8 I took the train to school. By 8:45 I was already there (in Slottsparken). 15 minutes passed and then it was time for my test, in running…

It went OK, a little worse than I had thought but I got a B so that’s cool. I walked with Gustav back to my school and he recommended this youtube channel that seemed like a good match. Of course I’ve forgotten what the name of the channel was but I just texted him asking…and there he answered. ”The World According To Briggs”. So now I’ll have to check it out before I’m going back to school this afternoon.


I took the train back home and on my way I called up my grandmother and talked to her for about 40 (!) minutes. It was actually fun to chat without any interruptions from other people. I got home and took a shower and then had lunch. Oh, that’s right, I forgot to tell you. I super into this podcast since yesterday. It’s the Swedish TV-host Rebecca Stella’s Podcast. She’s so pleasant to listen to. So I’ve listened to maybe four or five episodes since yesterday afternoon. Also, she lives in LA so it’s extra exciting to listen to.

Now I’ve just finished studying social studies for my presentation in two hours and I’m just sitting outside enjoying the weather.

I’m going to read our blog from the States and then watch some youtube before heading back to school.