Flea market

Today myself and my grandparents (mom) had a table at a flea market. The sales went great! Absolutely fantastic! I went home with about a hundred bucks more than when I came. They were much needed because I ordered two dresses from rebeccastella.com about two days ago, which I realistically  couldn’t afford, but it’s the same dress in two different colors – so I’ll return the less pretty one 🙂

My granddad picked me up at 7.15 am and then we drove to the parking lot where the flea market was. The buyers started rolling in at 9 and then my dad and also my grandparents friends swung by for a brief moment.

Now I’m in my dressing robe procrastinating getting ready for my birthday party. It’s two months after my birthday, but better late than never as they say.

I should really get going now.


ps. If I ever say toodles again, please stop reading this blog.