Crete here we come

5:20 am tomorrow morning. That’s the time when my grandpa’ is coming to pick us up and drive us to the airport. And I’m sitting here, 7:45 pm and have not even begun packing…

I’ll try to write a post each day, just ’cuz it’s fun to have a memory of what we were doing there. But as always I can’t promise anything 😉

Today’s form isn’t that good either. I’ve not been handling the whole food situation that great and I actually feel both ashamed and afraid of all of it. I warned everyone that it was going out of hand and now it has gone there. I know I should know better but it’s not me thinking, it’s the disorder.

I also now feel scared for the trip because I donated want them to watch over what I eat all day long, because then they would force me to eat more, and I can’t handle that right now, not until I get help. I’m also afraid of the actual help. I know that they’re gonna make me gain weight, something that I personally don’t think is necessary at all, and I’m so afraid of that they might put me in daycare. It’s like a ”school” where they make sure you eat and all. Soooooo afraid.

Back to Crete. Here’s some pictures of our hotel.

Also, the weather doesn’t seem that nice. So I’m afraid that I won’t enjoy the vacay and will have too much time for my thoughts.

I’ve bought like six books that I’m gonna bring with me – all to smother my thoughts.

Andio (goodbye in greek)