About me


My name is Ida and I’m an eighteen year old girl from Sweden.  I have struggled with an eating disorder for a couple of years but I’m now living my life as it should be.

My hobby is doing basically anything creative and hanging out with my friends, family, dog and boyfriend (even though we’re doing long distance at the moment).

I wouldn’t turn down a nice cup of coffee mixed with some shopping neither would I turn down a day in a park och a nice sweat at the gym.

I love to travel and in my mind I’m always at out traveling even though I still love Sweden.

The environmental issues are close to my heart and I of course try my best to make the right decisions in my day to day life.

I blog whenever I want and if I don’t feel like it – I won’t post. But I usually keep ’em coming, so don’t you worry.

My posts are in both Swedish and English so everyone can read them!